NUTRI-MEAL is a delicious and wholesome way of ensuring that your body gets in the essential macro nutrients needed for daily functioning. It consists of high quality proteins; Low GI carbohydrates; a natural fibre and added L-Glutamine for extra health benefits. The formulation in NUTRI-MEAL improves the body composition during weight loss and provides a feeling of satiety. The low GI carbohydrate known as fructose, which is a natural fruit sugar, reduces the demand for other carbohydrates and cravings whilst the natural fibre, known as Guar gum, increases calcium absorption and improves bowel functioning. NUTRI-MEAL therefore functions ideally as a meal option and/or recovery shake to support your supplement need.


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  • As a nutritional supplement after training and/or as a meal option:
    Add 1 rounded scoop to approx. 250-300 ml cold water and consume directly after training and/or as a meal/snack option.
    GREAT IDEA – Add 1 rounded scoop to your favourite smoothie or with your choice of milk for a delicious and nutritious meal/snack option!