SWOLE SHAKE - Feed your muscle with the best! Immediate intake of SWOLE SHAKE directly after training sessions and workouts will ensure that the worked muscle is supplied with carbs to replenish glycogen stores and protein with an anabolic amino stack to ensure optimal recovery and massive muscle gains! SWOLE SHAKE’s formulation consists of high quality proteins, carbohydrates, added Creatine monohydrate, added Glutamine, added BCAA’s and a natural fibre. This power stack formulation provides the body with all it needs to sustain a premium anabolic state to advance to the next level of optimal muscle recovery and mass gaining! 

Swole Shake

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  • As a nutritional supplement after training and/or as a meal option:
    Add 3 rounded scoops to approx. 400-450 ml cold water and consume directly after training and/or as a meal option.

    GREAT IDEA – Consume 2-3 Servings per day spaced before, between and after training/workout session for optimal results when wanting to secure optimal recovery and gain muscle mass!